Volunteer of the Month – Feb 2018: James

james31. What is your background (profession/ workplace/ training)

I'm starting as a Psychiatry Registrar this year, with the aim to specialize as a child psychiatrist.


2. What inspired you to become a Water Well volunteer?

I felt unfulfilled during internship - it felt like there were so many opportunities to volunteer for good causes through medical school but that suddenly I was working in a system where I facilitated more paperwork than patient care. I felt a desire to do something useful with my skills and knowledge, and the Water Well Project seemed like (and has been) a great way to do that.




3. Please share one of your favourite Water Well sessions or moments.

I first heard of the Water Well Project when I met Linny's sister, Judy, at a Global Health conference overseas. She told me about the project her sister ran for refugee populations in Victoria and it sounded like a great idea. I kept in touch with what the group was doing over time. Last year was a great year, as I got to meet Linny for the first time, watched her receive the Doctor in Training of the Year Award from the AMA and then joined up and was involved in my first session - the experience came full circle!


4. What tips do you have for new volunteers?

I would encourage new volunteers to jump in and get involved with a session as soon as they can. The orientation session is a great help, but getting your first session done can seem daunting. Once I had done mine, it helped me feel I could do many more.