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Want to volunteer with us?


If you are an eligible healthcare professional volunteer and are interested in hearing about how you can contribute your skills and knowledge to help improve the health literacy of communities from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, register your interest to be notified about our next online induction session.

You will learn about our organisation The Water Well Project and what we’re about, how you can contribute as a healthcare professional facilitator and some tips around how to facilitate interactive education and work effectively with an interpreter.


Upcoming Induction Session(s): 

Why volunteer with us?

  • Meaningful volunteering opportunity- allowing you to utilise your skills and knowledge in improving the lives of others;
  • Opportunity to work with and meet other likeminded healthcare professionals;
  • Great way to improve communication skills for the workplace- group facilitation and working with interpreters;
  • Invaluable opportunity to hear and learn firsthand about cultural barriers to achieving and maintaining health directly from communities from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Read some of our volunteer profiles.


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