Session Overviews

Every Health Session we facilitate is based on a specific topic.  Click on the links below to read more about the specific Sessions we run in the community.

Navigating the Australian Healthcare System



A fantastic introductory session. Healthcare options and how to access them are discussed, including Medicare, public/private hospitals, GP clinics, pharmacies and the ambulance service. Interactive scenarios include how to call an ambulance, when to attend a GP verses Emergency Department, how to make a GP appointment and what to take, what to do with a medication prescription.


Healthy Eating



A fun, interactive session in which participants learn about the benefits of, and barriers to, a healthy diet, the food pyramid and its practical application (including limiting sugar and fats) and how to interpret food labels. A cooking demonstration, such as healthy lunch box options for children, may be included if practically possible.



Icon_ExerciseThis session equips participants with an approach to exercise that can be adapted to their specific needs. The benefits of exercise, barriers, injury prevention and signs of physical stress are discussed.


Icon_DiabetesParticipants will learn about how and why diabetes occurs (including risk factors), as well as its diagnosis, management and complications. The session highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of diabetes.

Cardiovascular Health

Icon_CardiovascularHealthA fun, important session that examines the risk factors, symptoms and
preventative treatment of cardiovascular health, including high blood pressure,
heart attack and stroke. Interactive scenarios include signs of a heart attack
or stroke and when to call the ambulance or see the GP.

Kidney Health

Icon_KidneyHealthParticipants will learn about the kidneys, their functions and the stages of kidney disease, as well as consider risk factors, imaging and blood tests, and treatment options.

Bone & Joint Health

Icon_Bone&JointHealthThis session introduces the interaction between calcium, vitamin D and exercise for
healthy bones then focuses on risk factors and treatment options for
osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, including pain management. Interactive
activities include looking at X-rays and a quiz.


Icon_DementiaAn important session that allows participants to discuss their experiences with
family members/friends with dementia and their fears relating to personal
memory loss. The session focuses on preventative factors, when to seek medical
assistance, the Mini-Mental Examination and delirium versus dementia.

Mental Health

Icon_MentalHealthAn excellent session to begin breaking down the stigmatisation often associated
with mental illness. Participants will develop ways to recognise, and respond
to, signs of stress, anxiety and depression in themselves, family and friends.
Preventative strategies (including protective factors), treatment options and
online resources are emphasised. Interactive activities include quizzes and
muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises.


Icon_ContraceptionThis interactive session begins with information and diagrams about female and male anatomy then discusses oral, barrier and surgical methods of contraception. Emergency contraception options can also be included.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Icon_STIsParticipants will learn about the more common STIs in Australia, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes and syphilis, including symptoms, treatment and most importantly prevention. Less common STIs, such as HIV and Hepatitis B/C, will be briefly discussed.


Icon_PregnancyThis interactive session focuses on the physical and emotional changes that occur
during pregnancy, routine blood tests and ultrasounds, the frequency of
healthcare contact and antenatal care/birthing options.

Male & Female Interaction

Icon_InteractionAdolescents recently arrived in Australia often have questions regarding differing customs and culturally appropriate male and female interaction. This is an important session designed to address the questions and concerns of the male or female
group with same sex facilitators and interpreters. Participants are encouraged to discuss cultural differences relating to touch and eye contact (in a professional and personal context), physical boundaries, unwanted attention/harassment,
social media, same-sex relationships and addressing discomfort in conversations. Facilitators often incorporate their personal stories and encourage participation in role plays.


Icon_PubertyThis session is informative for both older children and parents as it not only focuses
on the physical changes of puberty but also normalises the emotional changes

Cervical & Breast Cancer

Icon_Cervical&BreastCancerFemale participants will learn about preventative screening for breast and cervical
cancer through regular pap smears and mammograms.


Icon_MenopauseFemale participants will learn about the symptoms of menopause including hot flushes and mood changes and available treatment options.

Men’s Health

Icon_MensHealthThis interactive session is tailored to the specific needs of the male participants.
It may include information about prostate checks, sexual health, cardiovascular
health, gambling, alcohol and anxiety/depression.

Dental Hygiene

Icon_DentalHygieneParticipants will learn about the components, function and development of teeth. Interactive
activities include identifying foods and drinks most likely to cause tooth decay and revising tooth-brushing and flossing techniques on models.


Icon_AllergiesParticipants will learn about common allergens, triggers, treatment options and, most
importantly, how to recognise and manage anaphylaxis. Interactive activities
include a skin reactions quiz, identification of allergens on food labels,
asthma puffers and their use.


Icon_ImmunisationThis session explains why immunisation is important and how it prevents
life-threatening diseases, as well as the timing of childhood immunisations,
where to access free or subsidised immunisations and adult immunisation (if

Infant & Toddler Nutrition

Icon_InfantToddlerThis fun, interactive session is ideal for soon-to-be parents or parents with young
children. It is tailored to the specific needs of the group and may include
information about breastfeeding, formula/bottle feeding, introducing solids,
fussy toddlers and adequate nutritional intake.

Child Development & General Health

ThIcon_ChildDevis fun, interactive session is ideal for soon-to-be parents or parents with young
children. It is tailored to the specific needs of the group and may include
information about developmental milestones, managing fever, constipation and
common rashes.