• "The COVID-19 presentation consolidated the understanding of our students about this topic. The use of professional health care workers assured our students that the information they were being presented with is trustworthy."
    Young Migrant Education Program, April 2020
  • “During these difficult times volunteers were able to answer many questions about COVID-19 and the impact on their children in a respectful and calm way. The encouragement they gave parents to visit their GPs if they had any worries about their children’s health issues in these unknown times. The volunteers were so caring and very understanding.” 
    St Anthony’s School Playgroup, May 2020
  • “My South Sudanese communities are kind people, they like to follow the rules, but they don’t know what to listen to, they believe what they read on Facebook. They don’t have the skills or ability to analyse or check where it is coming from, and they don’t know where to get good information. They pass on to family and friends and very quickly there is lots of misinformation. Getting this misinformation out of their minds is our concern. Thanks to sessions like this, we get to hear the correct messaging and it will change what’s happening with spreading Facebook stories.” 
    Multicultural Youth Worker, Centre for Multicultural Youth 2021
  • “I feel confident sharing this information to my friends and family.”
    Transition to Prep, May 2020
  • “It is not only the participants benefitting from the session, but we share with the whole community, and they benefit from us passing on our knowledge.”
    Djerriwarrh Health Services, Aug 2021
  • “The mental health and self-care chat gave students some strategies to cope with their own personal challenges. The topic is not talked about in their culture. So, thank you!”
    Wattle Group - Certificate 3 in EAL Employment/Further Study, June 2020
  • “Thank you for telling us and educating us about COVID. In my family, my sister who was pregnant, a cousin and an aunty all passed away [in one month] because of COVID. They were not vaccinated and were afraid of the vaccine. If we had been educated before, we would have known and vaccinated before they got COVID. Please continue educating us and sharing new information with us.”
    Community Member, Feb 2022
  • “The Water Well is a wonderful project; although ours was held via ZOOM (and in-person would be great), it still worked well as a medium. I commend all those medical volunteers willing to assist the broader community in health and well-being education :)” 
    Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong Inc, Feb 2020
  • “I didn’t understand why you had GPs in Australia as we can just go straight to the hospital in my home country. Now I know you can go to the GP even if you aren’t sick to help keep you well.”
    Community Member, Box Hill Institute, 2021