Meet The Team


Dr Linny Kimly Phuong is a Founder & Director of The Water Well Project. Outside of this dynamic and growing organisation, she is a Paediatric Infectious Diseases Physician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Austin Health, Cabrini Health and ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Linny Kimly Phuong
Founder & Director: Dr Linny Kimly Phuong
Isabelle is an engineer now working as an independent consultant with expertise in Sustainability and Environmental management. Isabelle is passionate about the environment and social justice. For over 10 years, she has volunteered for food relief ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Mrs Isabelle Higgins
Director (Secretary): Mrs Isabelle Higgins
Tim is training to be a General/Community Paediatrician and is passionate about the intersection between health equity and medical education. Tim has been involved with a number of advocacy campaigns and initiatives aiming to promote refugee and ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Timothy Martin
Director (Treasurer): Dr Timothy Martin
Susan has more than 25 years’ experience working in the Australian public health system as a clinician, manager and senior executive. For 18 years she worked in the most culturally diverse health area in Australia with 39% of the population ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Susan Burke
Director (NSW): Ms Susan Burke
Julie is an osteopath who works in private practice in Victoria and as a clinical supervisor in the osteopathy program at RMIT University. She has a passion for health equity and believes that strong community health programs are fundamental to ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Julie Hjorth
Director (VIC): Ms Julie Hjorth
Akhil is a doctor who has a passion for health education and the health not-for-profit sector. He strongly believes in equity of access to health information and services, and enjoys using data driven approaches to help reach that goal. In addition ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Akhil Bansal
Director: Dr Akhil Bansal


Suzie is a pharmacist who is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Suzie truly understands the nuances of the health industry, how to build advocacy and drive awareness to make an ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Suzie Bratuskins
Chief Executive Officer: Ms Suzie Bratuskins
Freya grew up predominantly in rural Victoria having also spent several years in Broome (remote Northern Western Australia). Freya joins The Water Well Project as a recent graduate form Deakin University where she obtained a Bachelor of Health ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Freya Hansford
Project Administrator: Ms Freya Hansford
Monique joins The Water Well Project team with experience in humanitarian aid and international development, particularly focusing on forced migration and refugee and asylum seeker settlement support. She has spent time volunteering both ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Monique van Cauwenberghe
Project Officer: Ms Monique van Cauwenberghe
Prior to joining the Water Well Project, Krystina worked for Monash Health for over a decade as a Senior Project Officer and a Service Development Coordinator. Having undertaken a wide range of process improvement and service development projects, ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Krystina Savvas
Development Coordinator: Ms Krystina Savvas
With a background in health, coaching and asylum seeker support, and a Master of International Development Practice, Tracy is invested in efforts to challenge inequity and promote optimal health and wellbeing for all. She is a Registered Nurse who ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Tracy Douglas
Health Educator: Ms Tracy Douglas
I grew up in China and came to Australia in 2013 as a first-generation migrant and international medical graduate. I am a general practitioner by training and have lots of friends who are also recent migrants. I have worked with members from the ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Yanyan Wu
Health Educator: Dr Yanyan Wu

Digital, Marketing & Communications

Thivvy is currently a Basic Physician Trainee at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. He is passionate about migrant and refugee health, having grown up witnessing and assisting his father in helping migrant and refugee Tamils in Melbourne. He has also ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Thivvy Yogaparan
Digital Officer: Dr Thivvy Yogaparan
Lewis is a product owner and team leader for a leading provider of workflow software for Australian professionals. He has a Bachelor of Psychology and more than seven years’ experience in web application design and development, stakeholder ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Mr Lewis Sell
Digital Officer: Mr Lewis Sell
Bilan is a university graduate with a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne, and a passion for health promotion, equity and project management. She is inspired by working in community health and the alignment of The Water Well ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Bilan Ismail
Digital Officer: Ms Bilan Ismail
Adelle works in marketing and advertising, specialising in strategic campaign planning, with over 10 years experience, across marketing, advertising and digital broadcast. Adelle has worked internationally as well as locally across a variety of ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Adelle Sturges
Marketing & Comms Officer (VIC): Ms Adelle Sturges
Kate is a public health professional with a background in marketing and content creation. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Health Promotion. Kate loves combining her interests in communications and health to maximise the reach and ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Kate Ditchburn
Marketing & Comms Officer (VIC): Ms Kate Ditchburn
Sarino is a third-year student of bachelor’s studies in Sociology and Asian Studies at the University of Melbourne. As an international student from Japan, she has participated in a university’s consulting project where she led a team from ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Sarino Watanabe
Marketing & Comms Officer (VIC): Ms Sarino Watanabe
Mon is in her fourth year of medical school at Monash University, with an interest in public health and health promotion. Mon has volunteered on several yearly mission trips to Cambodia alongside doctors who provided medical aid to those living in ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Mon Yi
Marketing & Comms Officer (VIC): Ms Mon Yi
Faizah is currently studying a Bachelor of Medicine at Monash University. She is also undertaking an honours degree related to the upper gastrointestinal system. Faizah has been a part of numerous volunteering and advocacy medical student-lead ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Faizah Alam
Marketing & Comms Officer (VIC): Ms Faizah Alam
Peizhe is currently studying IT at the University of Tasmania majoring in software development and has achieved a good result in her studies with a GPA of 6.9/7. She is passionate about making a positive influence on society. She is also really ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Peizhe Ma
Marketing & Comms Officer (TAS): Ms Peizhe Ma


Sarah is a GP, with an interest in public health, health equity and education. She studied medicine in Melbourne, and undertook electives in India, Ethiopia and in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia. Sarah worked as a doctor in the Northern ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Sarah Gelbart
Evaluations Officer (TAS): Dr Sarah Gelbart
Dr Andrew Joyce joined the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne in 2014 having previously worked as a public health lecturer at Curtin University and then Monash University, together with stints as a primary school teacher and community development ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Andrew Joyce
Evaluations Officer (VIC): Dr Andrew Joyce


Janine is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years’ experience across finance, commercial business partnering and digital roles. She is excited about using her business acumen to provide support to The Water Well Project from a finance perspective in ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Janine Kwan
Finance Member: Ms Janine Kwan
Rod has more than 30 years‘ experience working as a commercial accountant and finance executive, most of this experience gained in large listed diversified industrial organisations. Rod also has over 14 years’ experience working with ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Mr Rod Borlase
Volunteer Bookkeeper: Mr Rod Borlase

General Members

Leisel is a Paediatric Registrar in NSW, she graduated in 2013 with an MBBS (Hons) in addition to a Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Science) and a Diploma of Child Health. Leisel is passionate about health education and is a former Chair of the ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Leisel Trompf
General Member: Dr Leisel Trompf

Human Resources

Tina is a HR professional with 10+ years of experience across aviation, government, finance and energy industries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (History) and a Bachelor of Business (Human Resources). Tina is passionate about helping others realise ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Tina Salameh
Human Resources Manager (VIC): Ms Tina Salameh
Emily is a HR professional with three years experience across the recreational and energy industries. She holds a degree in a Bachelor of Business Management. Emily is proud to volunteer for The Water Well Project as she believes that everyone ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Emily Santa-Isabel
Human Resources Officer (VIC): Ms Emily Santa-Isabel
Nancy is a retail business professional with 15+ years' experience working in retail and management. She has been part of and hosted several fundraisers, has a passion for helping others, especially in culturally diverse backgrounds. Nancy ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Nancy Salameh
Recruitment Coordinator (VIC): Ms Nancy Salameh


Stephanie is a medical doctor training in obstetrics and gynaecology and based in Western Sydney. Throughout her training, she has been involved in delivering healthcare in developing countries as well as rural and remote communities in Australia. ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Stephanie La
Resource Officer (NSW): Dr Stephanie La
Jill is a social worker who has spent much of her career working in community health in both urban and rural settings. Her first social worker job was on the North Melbourne public housing estate where she worked with migrants and refugees. Her ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Jill Pierce
Resource Officer (TAS): Ms Jill Pierce
Hirukshi is a recent Master of Public Health graduate with a bachelor's degree in medicine. She is extremely passionate about health equity and improving the health and well-being of refugees, asylum seekers and migrant communities. Through her ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Hirukshi Bennett
Resources Coordinator (VIC): Hirukshi Bennett

State Liaisons

Dr. Brian Fernandes is an Australian medical doctor, presently working in Sydney. He has a Masters of Health Policy(Distinction) from the University of Sydney where he is an Associate Conjoint Lecturer and teaches population health to final year ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Brian Fernandes
Liaison Officer (NSW): Dr Brian Fernandes
Nicky is a resident at Concord Hospital and will undergo physician training at Royal North Shore Hospital in 2018. He holds a particular interest in Infectious Diseases, and hopes to combine that with his enthusiasm for refugee health and advocacy. ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Nicky Betts
Liaison Officer (NSW): Dr Nicky Betts
Jessica is a medical doctor, training in obstetrics and gynaecology in Northern Sydney. Jessica has worked in the rural NSW towns of Griffith and Port Macquarie, as well as volunteered in women’s centres in Peru and Guatemala. These experiences ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Jessica Brown
Liaison Officer (NSW): Dr Jessica Brown
Aajuli is passionate about health promotion in her local Western Sydney community. She is a General Practitioner with several years of experience in managing acute and chronic conditions especially for members of culturally and linguistically ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Aajuli Shukla
Liaison Officer (NSW): Dr Aajuli Shukla
Claire is a physiotherapist who has a longstanding interest in health promotion and health education. Claire's clinical work has included working in W.A in regional and remote areas but most recently as part of a multidisciplinary team working in ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Claire Roberts
Liaison Officer (TAS): Ms Claire Roberts
Annabel Martin is a regional nephrologist based in Albury Wodonga. She completed her FRACP Nephrology in 2013 and has since become firmly embedded in regional nephrology, general medicine and obstetric medicine with a passion for regional training, ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Annabel Martin
Albury Liaison Officer (VIC): Dr Annabel Martin

Volunteer Engagement

Gina is an Obstetrics and Gynaecology registrar with a special interest in promoting health literacy and equitable access to healthcare systems. Gina worked in poorly resourced areas overseas and realised how health illiteracy could have detrimental ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Gina Ibrahim
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator (VIC): Dr Gina Ibrahim
I’m a junior doctor at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, having completed my medical training at Monash University. Alongside my clinical work, I also work for the Department of Health in the COVID-19 response as a Team Leader. Through these ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Emma Thompson
Engagement Officer (VIC): Dr Emma Thompson
Lucy Steele is a medical student at The University of Melbourne with a passion for public health and social justice. She believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to attain good health outcomes, and that a proficiency in health-literacy ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Lucy Steele
Engagement Officer (VIC): Ms Lucy Steele
Pretashini is current studying medicine at the University of Melbourne and is a strong advocate for health as a universal human right and believes that asylum seekers and refugees should have access all the same. She believes that health literacy is ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Pretashini Somasundram
Engagement Officer (VIC): Ms Pretashini Somasundram
Prerana is a medical student at Deakin University with a strong passion for global health and education. Having lived in India, she has witnessed health poverty first-hand and believes that equitable healthcare access is a fundamental right and ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Ms Prerana Ghosh
Engagement Officer (VIC): Ms Prerana Ghosh
Liz is an Emergency Registrar currently working in the west of Melbourne, after having worked in Darwin, Laos on an Australian Volunteer Placement and most recently in Hobart. Her particular interest in Emergency Medicine is the provision of ...Read More
Image of TWWP team member Dr Liz Wyatt
Alumni Officer: Dr Liz Wyatt