Volunteer of the Month – December 2021: Janelle

1. What is your background (profession/ workplace/ training)?

I just graduated from medical school and will start my intern year at Austin Health in January!

2. What inspired you to become a volunteer with The Water Well Project?

Linny spoke at a global health conference I went to during medical school, and I have always had it in the back of my mind to become a volunteer as soon as I was able to!

3. Please share one of your favourite The Water Well Project sessions or moments.

I recently ran a session on mental health with another volunteer, Yanyan, who is training as a GP. She spoke about mental health with so much compassion and clarity, and I learnt a lot from her in that session.

4. What tips do you have for new volunteers?

Go into every session with an open mind and you can learn a lot from your partner and the participants! Go with the flow and adapt to things like the interpreter's style or the participants' level of interaction during a session.