Volunteer of the Month – June 2022: Grace

1. What is your background (profession/ workplace/ training)?

I am an obstetrics and gynaecology unaccredited registrar. I work in the Northern Beaches Hospital in O&G and absolutely love it!


2. What inspired you to become a volunteer with The Water Well Project?

I come from a rural background, growing up in a small country town called Peak Hill, and recognise the disparities and lack of resources that are felt by minorities. I also have a keen interest in public health and ways we can improve our health systems.
I really wanted to find a way to give back to communities that is educational and resourceful, and I have found that the Water Well Project does exactly that! It is an honour to help provide education sessions for such a variety of different communities.

3. Please share one of your favourite The Water Well Project sessions or moments.

Where to start!? I have a many fond memories, my most proud moment was an education session for women in regards to contraception and pregnancy, this was something very close to my heart and I feel like it made a significant impact on these women's lives.
A really heartwarming moment was during a session on Mental Health and we all got up from our zoom call and ran around the house/did some star jumps together, I love the interactions we have!

4. What tips do you have for new volunteers?

Have fun with the sessions, try to choose ones that you are interested in and try to engage with questions/games/examples as much as possible.