Volunteer of the Month – July 2021: Isabella

1. What makes you keep coming to do more sessions?
The sessions are really rewarding. I recently had an online session where only one person attended- but whether you are speaking to one person or thirty people, they’re always so interested and so grateful. I also enjoy meeting and partnering with other volunteers, and learning about all the various organisations doing such amazing things in their respective communities.

2. Why do you think the work of The Water Well Project is important?
TWWP is a beautiful example of upstream thinking that is helping marginalised people achieve their full health potential in a practical and tangible way.

3. Do you think volunteering with The Water Well Project helps your daily work?

Absolutely! I think it has improved the way I communicate with all patients, as well as more obviously providing insights into particular cultural and ethnic groups, which helps me provide more holistic care.

4. What you learnt from volunteering with The Water Well Project?
I’ve learnt so much! Mainly how eager and motivated so many people in the community are to learn more about health, when given the opportunity.

5. What are your tips for volunteers who "feel" that their session isn't going as expected?
Go with the flow! I don’t think my sessions ever go as “expected” but that’s what makes them fun and challenging. If you are prepared and know the topic well, you can be flexible in your delivery to make it more relevant and useful to the people who attend.