Volunteer of the Month – May 2018: Emily

1. What is your background (proimagefession/ workplace/ training)?

I started my career as a Registered Nurse before completing a Masters of Public Health and moving into the areas of research, evaluation and community engagement.

2. What inspired you to become a Water Well volunteer?

I've always been very grateful for the opportunities I have been given and I wanted to be able to contribute my skills beyond the workplace. I previously undertook research into the health impacts of policy and service access for people seeking asylum, and my continued interest in refugee and migrant health led me to the great work of The Water Well Project.

3. Please share one of your favourite Water Well sessions or moments.

A highlight for me was The Water Well Project strategic planning day, learning from all the wisdom in the room.

4. What tips do you have for new volunteers?

If you feel like you're too busy and life is getting in the way, take a moment to remember why you signed up as a volunteer. The passion and motivation that led you down this path is still there buried beneath the to-do lists, you just need to take that first step again.