The Water Well Project integrates into well-established services within migrant and refugee community groups to ensure that doctors and community participants are well supported and that cultural sensitivities are maintained throughout the project.

The relationships within the scope of The Water Well Project include:

  1. Partnered doctors working together to deliver health sessions (i.e. two doctors working with one community group)
  2. Each migrant/refugee community group has an assigned community leader who is the liaison between the group and the supporting migrant/refugee agency (e.g. Brotherhood of St Laurence) and often acts as the group’s interpreter
  3. Each migrant/refugee community group has a migrant/refugee agency representative who oversees their group
  4. Partnered doctors liaise with the community leader, agency representative and project administrator
  5. The project administrator coordinates and oversees the meetings between doctors and their community leader and collates feedback from the community leader after each session


The Water Well Project is proudly supported by:

We would like to thank the following people (who worked above and beyond the capacity of their organisations) for their assistance and guidance during the set-up of this initiative:
- Ms Marta Kreiser, Brotherhood of St Laurence- Ecumenical Migration Centre
- Ms Willow Kellock, Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre
- Ms Rebecca Pinney-Meddings- Volunteer with Brotherhood of St Laurence
- Dr Joanne Gardiner, Foundation House
- Ms Sue Casey, Foundation House- Manager, Health Sector Development
- Ms May Maloney, Foundation House- Project Worker/ Writer
- Ms Michelle Bourke, AMA Victoria- Director of Marketing & Memberships
- Dr Sam Merriel, AMA Doctors in Training President 2011
- Dr James Hillis, AMA Doctors in Training Past-President 2010-11