Health & Wellbeing Series (Mon) 1 of 3- Social Studio Youth

Health & Wellbeing Series (Mon) 1 of 3- Social Studio Youth


Session Date: 16 Feb 2015
Session Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

About This Event

This program will be part of a three part series, run with Social Studio’s youth community (alongside a local basketball program).

Week 1:
Introduction to Healthy Eating
– discussion around Healthy Eating circle/ food groups, what constitutes a healthy diet
– homework: each participant gets a log to record their eating habits for the next 7 days, prior to next session

Week 2:
Healthy eating and physical fitness
– impact of healthy eating on health, eg) physical/ academic performance, weight, lifestyle diseases
– brief discussion on diabetes, cardiac disease (high blood pressure, heart attacks, cholesterol, strokes) and oral health
– importance of exercise in physical health and mental wellbeing

Week 3:
Mental health
– effects of drug and alcohol (physical and mentally)
– basic mental health first aid- eg) when to seek help,what symptoms to look out for in friends/ family members

Practical session
– healthy snacks, sandwich fillers and juices (?session in Social Studio cafe)
– experiment with making vegetable/ fruit juices
– bring platter of healthy snacks- eg) mixed nuts, dried fruit, celery, carrot sticks, (could make easy dip), crackers

Two such programs (with two separate youth groups) will run in parallel- one on Mondays, the other on Thursdays .
We encourage the same volunteers to sign up for as many sessions in each parallel series if it suits, and will prioritise allocations accordingly.

Participants who attend all three sessions are eligible for a draw to receive a $30 Rebel Sports voucher.

This session capacity is 2 Volunteers from The Water Well Project.
There are currently -1 available places open to Volunteers.

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