Learnings from delivering health sessions to senior groups

by Maie & Linny

The Water Well Project often provides health sessions to older refugee and migrant groups. In this blog post, we thought we would share some of our learnings in delivering health sessions to these groups.

Delivering health information sessions to refugees and migrants who are 65+ requires a focus on unique issues.  Apart from dealing with their past traumas of leaving their home countries and the families they have left behind. We find ourselves also needing to focus challenges unique to this stage of life, including how to:

            • manage (rather than prevent) chronic conditions
            • maintain positive mental health
            • improve the quality and enjoyment of life
            • transition from working life to retirement (and staying active and busy in the process)

Australia (like much of the world) has an ageing population.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that the median age of Australians is expected to increase from 36.8 years in 2007 to 45.2 in 2056. And, the proportion of Australians over 65 years could increase from 13% to 25% during the same time period.

We have highly value the opportunity to engage with these groups and hear their many stories.  It is an occasion of mutual exchange.  Just recently, two of our volunteer doctors were thanked at the end of the session with a traditional song from their community group.