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Our 2 Levels of Membership Access

There are two levels of involvement for healthcare professionals that wish to Volunteer for The Water Well Project.

Volunteers are required to be either a: i) qualified healthcare professional; or ii) final year medical student or nursing/dental/allied health student.

1. Basic Registration

If you are interested in the project but are yet to attend a Volunteer Induction, by registering with this website you will receive Basic Registration.  With Basic Registration you will receive:

  • Regular updates from the project
  • Announcements of upcoming Volunteer Induction Session (attendance at one of these sessions is a perquisite for becoming a Volunteer)
  • Access to the Events Section of this website to book your place at an Induction (when an Induction is scheduled)

2. Volunteer Registration

After you have attended a Volunteer Induction Session and have submitted the Volunteer Agreement, your access to the website will be upgraded to Volunteer Registration.

With this access you will be able to:

  • Book yourself into upcoming health information sessions
  • See materials on the website that are ‘locked’ to members
  • Receive regular ‘call out’ emails announcing upcoming events

If you have any questions about the above you can contact us here.