About Badges

We know that we all volunteer for the enjoyment of it, but it's still nice to be acknowledged too.

So now for your activities you'll receive badges for each achievement you make as a volunteer. These small gestures also will help you keep track of what activities you've completed with our project.

8 Visible Badges

At the moment we have 8 visible badges.

6 of these badges are awarded for specific activities. 2 of these badges are awarded for achieving specific milestones (eg. complete 2 sessions and you'll automatically receive the "Promise of 2" badge; complete 5 sessions and receive the "Super Volunteer" badge).

Overtime we will add more badges to recognise the many ways our volunteers contribute in the community.

Our Badges


Bonus Badges

There are two Bonus Badges which we will be awarding soon.  These are not visible on the site, but if you earn these badges, your badge count will go up.  The badges are:

  • Master Session Badge: awarded for every subsequent session you run after you receive your Super Volunteer Badge.  This rewards the special efforts of our long term volunteers.
  • Helper Badge: there are lots of ways to contribute to The Water Wall Project, from writing a blog to facilitating at one of our Induction Sessions.  We award these badges to helpers of our project.


How to Know You've Received a Badge

When you login to the member's area of the site, you'll see details of all badges that can be received.

When you receive a badge, it will change from a faded colour to a full colour. Here's an example:

How To Use Your Badges

Once you've received a badge you can display it proudly where you like.

For example, on your CV, as well as stating you're a Water Well Project Volunteer, now you can also list what badges you've received. This gives you a great well to celebrate your achievements with us.

The Leaderboard

You'll earn points for every badge you receive. At the start of every month we'll update the Leaderboard which displays how many badges and points have been received across every volunteer involved with The Water Well Project.

We hope the Leaderboard helps us feel connected with our wider community of Volunteers and gives us something to aim for.