The Water Well Project is a not-for-profit initiative which aims to empower migrant and refugee community groups by improving health literacy.

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The Challenge

Australia's intake

Internationally there are 15.2 million refugees and 895 000 asylum seekers per year. Australia accepts 13,750 refugees each year (which may soon be extended).

 Before Arrival

Upon leaving their country, refugees and asylum seekers may experience torture, both physical and emotional trauma, destitution and extended periods in refugee camps.

 Upon Acceptance

Upon settlement, refugees and asylum seekers have many barriers to health and wellbeing. They need to learn our language, find appropriate employment, affordable housing for their families, as well as overcome potential stigma and discrimination.

 The 'right to health'

The "highest attainable standard of health as a fundamental right of every human being" (WHO). Vulnerable and marginalised groups in societies experience a disproportionate level of health issues.

Our Solution

Pair communities & health professionals

We pair volunteer healthcare professionals with a refugee/migrant community group to deliver interactive health sessions.

Host health information sessions

In consultation with the community group, health topics for discussion are chosen and include: Healthy Eating/ Nutrition, Diabetes, Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health, vaccinations, sexual  health... and many others.

Build confidence with health and healthcare

Our first session with each group entitled "Navigating the Australian Healthcare System" teaches communities how to most effectively access and utilise components of the Australian healthcare system.

Healthier and happier communities

We hope to empower participant individuals and communities to improve their health and wellbeing. Volunteer health professionals are given opportunities to make meaningful contributions to communities, and learn firsthand about refugee health issues.


  • On behalf of the program and the clients themselves,  I just want to thank you for the incredible work you have done for us. Through your involvement we have literally been able to transform the lives of our clients. We are grateful for the health sessions you have run for our clients over the past year. You have helped to empower our clients and have fostered their independence.
    Wesley City Mission
  • The session warmed my heart - I am very keen to do another one!
    Anonymous - Volunteer
  • The boys were very satisfied and we, as staff, thought that it was very well conducted by two professionals who have been friendly, knowledgeable and aware of the cultural difference of our clients.
    Case Worker from an Asylum Seeker Support Program
  • We will use this information personally and for those around us and community.
    Anonymous - Community Member
  • I thought the sessions were really well organised and I think the members were particularly interested in the sugar contents of different foods.

    Anonymous - Volunteer

Help us improve the health of migrants and refugees in our communities...

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